Great Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

book lover

While it is natural to think books when considering what to give your book loving friend or family member they will likely enjoy a non-book gift just as much. Unless you know what sort of books they like it can be hit-or-miss when choosing them as a gift. Fortunately there is plenty of other, just as enjoyable gifts you can give them. The following should give you some great ideas and make buying for your book loving friend or family member so much easier.

Transparent Book Weight – Nothing is more annoying than finding a great place to sit outdoors and a breeze keeps flipping the pages of your book as you try to read. The transparent book weight is the perfect solution. Place it over the open pages of your book and it not only keeps your pages flat and safe from flipping in the wind but it also allows you to read through it.

Book Scented CandleBook Scented Candle – Book lovers know well that wonderful scent that wafts out from the pages of a new book that has just been opened up for the first time. That scent has been reproduced in candles so even if your book loving friend or family member doesn’t have a brand new book on hand they can enjoy the scent of one over and over for as long as the candle lasts.

This Book Belongs To - Stamp“This Book Belongs To….” Stamp – While it can be difficult for even the most average book lover to let one of their books out of their sight some do like to lend them to others so that they may enjoy them too. Getting beloved books back is sometimes a challenge but if you give your book lover a Bookplate Stamp they can mark their books with their name so that when they loan them out in future they have a much greater chance of getting them back without asking.

Adult Coloring Books and PensAdult Coloring Books and Pens – While still technically a book, coloring books for adults are great therapy for anyone who is feeling stressed. Not just therapeutic but a whole heck of a lot of fun too, as the book lover can let some of their creativity flow out onto the page in their choice of colors. Some adult coloring books have removable pages which when completely colored in can be framed and then hung on their wall.

Coffee Mug WarmerCoffee Mug Warmer – What goes better with a good book than a great cup of coffee, right? Unfortunately the book will last longer than the heat in the coffee, unless there is a way to keep the mug warm until all the coffee has been drunk. A coffee mug warmer is just the right solution. Your book lover can keep a cup of coffee beside them while they read and every time they reach for a sip they can be sure of it still being hot.

Oversized Bean Bag ChairOversized Bean Bag Chair – The great thing about a bean bag chair is that you can mold it to fit your body, and what better way to relax when reading a great book than in the most comfortable chair you could ever sit in. Now, when you opt for the oversized version your book lover will not only be able to sit in it but also lie down, which for some is the absolute best way to be when reading. The large ones are also big enough for sharing.

Huge Coffee MugHuge Coffee Mug – Remember that coffee mug warmer mentioned above? Well, it isn’t much use without a coffee mug to sit on it, so why not give your book lover the biggest coffee mug you can find. Don’t stop there though. Throw in a variety pack of different blends of coffee for them to try so they can find a really good brew to go with that great book they curl up with. You can either buy a readymade mug with a witty, book-related quote or image on it, or if you are the creative type try your hand at creating your own and having a Print-on-Demand company make it for you.

Books are fun and there is no doubt that an avid reader loves nothing more than a brand new book from their favorite writer, but man (or woman for that matter) cannot live by reading alone. Any one of these great gift ideas listed above are sure to go over well with your book loving gift recipient.